Astra and Canal+ offer hybrid satellite and fibre solutions

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly

Dish and pay-TV providers Astra and Canal+ have unveiled a hybrid solution mixing satellite and fibre to provide dish television into collective buildings.

The new solution uses a standard parabola dish for reception while the TV channels feed is carried by a fibre-coax. The same dish can be used to provide dish TV to all the apartments I any given building.

Canal+ argues that its new product, developed by British manufacturer Global Invacom, is easy to set up and makes possible cost cuts in the region of 30%. The group, which is aiming to develop its subscriber portfolio into collective buildings, has subsidised the installation of this new distribution process into a housing of three flats in Sèvres near

Following a request for tenders, Global Invacom applied with a hybrid project mixing satellite and fibre reception and was granted €150,000 for further development. This technology has already been sold into 27 countries in Northern Europe, the Middle-East and South-Eastern Asia.