Programs for working with recorded files. Ts

- TS Doctor

Cypheros TS-Doctor is a program designed to test - the presence of errors - video files including those saved by the DVB card and satellite tuners in the format: M2TS, TS, TRP (produced by Kathrein DVB), TS4 (Technisat) Technomate , Dreambox, dbox2, etc..

TS-Doctor allows you to convert recorded content to formats: TS, DVR, MKV, M2TS, AVCHD, BluRay (required Haali Splitter and tsMuxeR).

TS-Doctor also introduces changes intended to improve video files for maximum compatibility and by correcting the parameters PAT, PMT, and delete non-existent PID'ów. The changes mean that the final files are denied shredding and other defects affecting the fluidity of their play.
- ProjectX
 ProjectX is one of the best free tools for demultiplexing (separating video and audio streams). During this operation, the program adjusts the bit rate entries in the header file by typing the actual value of the MPEG2 streams and PVA. In addition, ProjectX, formerly known as ds.jar, synchronizes audio with video and adjust the timecode discrepancies in MPEG2 file. In addition to distributing the material (the sound is saved in the format *. mp2, *. m2v image to) a program to convert the stream and keep it as MPA, TS, PVA, or VDR. In recent editions of the author introduced the overview of the workpiece, so easy to know if the file loaded. ProjectX has great potential and it is impossible to list them all. It is worth mentioning if only to share the resulting file to the appropriate size of the elements, setting up ". collection to facilitate working with multiple materials or the use of edit points Cutpoints. ProjectX can also carry audio resampling and aligning its level. The program requires that you install the Java 2 Runtime Environment (JRE)
- MPEG2Schnitt
Mpeg2Schnitt is a great tool especially for those users who are shooting movies and / or TV programs. With its help przytną beginning and end of recorded MPEG-2, and if necessary I will cut off blocks annoying advertisements. Application supports up intuitively. Additional SchnittTool program will allow you to assemble in one fell swoop many films on the basis of projects included in the program Mpeg2Schnitt.

- TsMuxeR
Quote: SmartLabs tsMuxeR is valued and free tool to change the format of video files. Software
TS allows you to create files, Blu-ray M2TS from movies
encoded in H.264, Microsoft VC-1, MPEG-2. The application supports audio codecs: AAC, AC3 / E-AC3 (DD +) Dolby True HD (for streams with AC3 core only), DTS / DTS-HD, LPCM. Moreover tsMuxeR supports subtitles in SRT format.

Application is simple. Simply select the file from the disk
The source and indicate the format in which to be saved. Convert files up to 4GB in size in just a few minutes. Ready video files
You can play on the Sony Playstation 3 and the other players to support TS files, Blu-ray M2TS.

- Mkvtoolnix

mkvtoolnix (mkvmerge) is a tool for Windows that allows you to create video files in the Matroska (MKV).

Mkvtoolnix also allows for the conversion and the addition of video, audio, text, images and other additives. It also allows extraction of the subtitle or audio streams.

With it, you add in a few minutes (integrates) your own subtitles for movies in MKV format.

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