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Thread: Upgrading Xcam

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    Unhappy Upgrading Xcam

    Please I don't succeed to upgrade my ORION XCAM
    It's a new card
    When I use it in my CAS : It say ;"ORION-CRYPT p" so no version number
    If I want to program the 2039 I have message with CAS3 : "to activate programming mode you have to go to common interface host menu and Activate loader"

    I I do that : nothing append : I do serial update , activate loader and i do a cycle. I am back to "to activate prog....."

    Please Help me

    Is there a file to upload before : An erasure File ???

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    Question Re: Upgrading Xcam

    did you connect the dummy loader with the cas3??

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    Re: Upgrading Xcam

    xcam orion-p = cargar con pcmcia orion loader para pcmcia para usar el cas primero debes usar dummy-loader

    xcam orion-p = to load with pcmcia orion to loader for pcmcia to use cas first you must use to dummy-loader

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