Naughtie, Marr in 'C***' slip on Radio 4
Monday, December 6 2010, 10:13 GMT
By Mayer Nissim,

Broadcaster James Naughtie this morning accidentally suggested that the Today programme would be in conversation with "Jeremy C**t".

Speaking on the Radio 4 show, the presenter slipped up when teasing a later interview with Jeremy Hunt, the Conservative MP for South West Surrey. His BBC colleague Andrew Marr then repeated the slip when discussing the incident later this morning.

Naughtie said: "What's happening in the course of the next hour? Well next up after the news, I'm going to be talking to Jeremy C**t... er... Hunt, the culture secretary about... broadband."

He latter added that he had "got into an awful tangle just before the 8am news, courtesy of Dr Spooner", in reference to the Warden of New College, Oxford, who was famous for supposedly mixing his words.

According to The Guardian, Naughtie said: "We know from emails that some of you thought it was funny, and others were very offended. I'm very sorry to those of you who thought it wasn't what you wanted to hear over your breakfast. Neither did I."

A message on the official Twitter page for the Today programme read: "Yes, your ears deceived you. Move along now, nothing to see here..."

On his own Twitter page, Hunt said: "They say prepare for anything before going on Today but that took the biscuit... I was laughing as much as u Jim or shld I say Dr Spooner (sic)".

When discussing the incident on the same station's Start The Week soon after, political commentator Marr said: "We're not going to repeat in quite the terms it happened... Jeremy C**t... Hunt, the culture secretary, had his name, Freudianly transposed."

He quickly added: "I should really apologise for saying it again, but it's very hard to talk about it without saying it."