This new software has been developed as an affordable digital replacement for the VCR, and allows consumers to simply record TV programs onto USB connected media. With all the flexibility of a VCR and the ease of use of a PVR, the Sunrise USB Video Recorder Software gives manufacturers the opportunity to offer a low-cost PVR replacement. Key to this technology is ease of use, with recordings selected directly from the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) and the ability to display the list of recordings for easy selection without ever having to leave the TV environment. Standard features also include series link and the ability to pause live TV. Using this software enables manufacturers to keep down the cost of the STB or TV whilst still offering the user the ability to record and store TV programs; and all with the simplicity of the PVR and the flexibility of the VCR. What's more, there's no limit to the choice of storage size using a USB HDD, but the solution works just as well with USB memory stick, or even SD Memory card, either through a direct interface or USB adaptor. Additional features for this product include an intuitive UI and one step recording from the EPG, as well as a content manager to display full listings of recorded content irrespective of the media chosen.