The course will be held in Oslo on December 7 and 8, and will equip operators with a full understanding of key factors such as monitoring MPEG-2 transport streams, PSI, and DVB SI in relation to the open industry standards ETSI TR 101290 and ETSI TS 102 034. The BridgeTech Academy is headed by Randouth Tillery, a veteran of digital and interactive TV operations management at Telenor, Zonavi, and Canal Digital. The courses draw on the expertise gathered by Bridge Technologies staff through decades at the front line of digital media development, and long experience of real-world commercial use of IP in broadcasting and interactive media delivery. The BridgeTech Academy provides technical personnel with the multidisciplinary operational expertise necessary for a complete understanding of the entire digital TV delivery chain and the VideoBRIDGE advanced monitoring environment. Training courses are provided at Bridge Technologies' Oslo headquarters using a complete on-site transmission chain created for training and testing, or by arrangement at the operator's facility.