Dailymotion opens catch-up TV section
By Robert Briel
Published: December 6, 2010 21.29 Europe/London

The French online video portal Dailymotion has opened a new section dedicated to catch-up TV from major French broadcasters. Just opened last week, the franco-german cultural channel Arte has joined and will make available its entire Arte+7 catch-up service.

The service is free or charge and is paid for by advertising. Arte is making its entire catch-up service available in both the French and German versions. The broadcaster already makes programmes available on their own website as well as selections on their own YouTube channel.

According to Dailymotion, BFM TV, France 4, M6, W9, NRJ 12, France 24 and now Arte have made agreements to show their programmes on the streaming video site.

However, the M6 Group denies it now offers a catch-up service via Dailymotion. They do supply short videos to the portal, but the full catch-up TV service from their two main channels, M6 and W9, remain exclusively available on their own catch-up portals M6replay.fr and W9replay.fr.

In October, Dailymotion made a significant deal with the French audiovisual archive INA to make 50,000 videos available.