after google tv the new web tv Google is hatching another Facebook-killer? This time with teeth

The latest rumours have Google prepping a social networking play for next year called Google +1 - and it's all about local advertising. By Ian Scales.

Local advertising is a huge market which has stubbornly stayed out of Google's reach so far - perhaps for obvious reasons.

Take a conventional Google search query - say "haddock". As things stand with Google's search engine there are no geographical clues, so it's difficult to build an advertiser-driven sales model along the lines of Adwords or Adsense. A user tapping 'haddock' in Birmingham is no use to a local fish shop in London.

With Facebook, though, it's a different story and this is clearly what's keeping Google's Schmidt awake at night. Facebook by its very nature traps users' geographic location, their interests, and their age and this allows for powerful local ad targetting. Already local advertising is a huge earner for Facebook, and that's something that Google can't afford to ignore.

Of course the search giant is already creeping up fast on the local market. It has maps and it has its powerful mobile OS, Android to provide geographical context, but a social networking application to bind these capabilities together in some way is what the next move is all about.