Cablecom powers down its boxes
By Julian Clover
Published: December 8, 2010 11.39 Europe/London

Cablecom has introduced new software that has enabled the Swiss Cableco to reduce the power in its set-top boxes to less than one Watt.

The staged introduction of the feature has been downloaded to set-top boxes over the past two weeks. Around 130,000 HD PVRs are able to benefit from the feature. However, the upgrade is not possible in older models.

A new default setting will put the receiver into standby if there have been no keypresses on the remote control within 210 minutes.

Customers have the option of switching the set-top box to “hot” or “cold” stand-by mode. From the standard operating mode, called “hot”, the device can be switched on again in three to five seconds. From the “cold” mode, also called stand-by, when only about 1 watt of electricity is consumed, the set-top box will start in about 30 seconds.

The software upgrade also includes improvements to the management of the PVR.