French producers attack YouTube deal
08 Dec 10 -

French producers’ organizations are contesting a recent deal signed by groups representing authors in the country to allow YouTube to allow the distribution of a number of films, TV shows and other audiovisual content on its platform in France.

Authors’ groups SACD, SCAM and ADAGP have signed up to the agreement, which would see their members remunerated when distributors or producers make their content available on YouTube. However, three producers’ organizations, the APC, SPI and UPF, have criticised the agreement and have said that only they have the right to authorise platforms to exploit their content.

The groups said that the agreement lacked transparency and criticised the authors’ groups decision to enter into it. They also said that YouTube’s owner Google should have contacted them before signing the deal, which provides remuneration to members of the SACD, SCAM and ADAGP for content from their catalogues created between 2007-13 that is distributed by YouTube.

The three groups have also indicated they will take further action to defend their interests and have called on regulatory authorities to intervene.