UEFA in move to centralise rights and sponsorship deals
10 Dec 10 -

Football organisation UEFA has revealed plans to centralise the sale of broadcast rights for European Championship and World Cup qualifiers, according to reports.

According to The Guardian newspaper, UEFA plans to sell rights collectively and then distribute the rights amongst its member clubs. The plan is said to have met with opposition from the national associations of major footballing nations England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, who could stand to lose out. The Guardian has reported that the big five nations object in particular to the fact that UEFA has raised the possibility of centralising sponsorship deals as well as broadcasting rights.

According to the paper, the plan could see the overall revenues from the rights on offer increase, and centralised sponsorship deals could also see the costs incurred by individual nations’ associations (for example in the form of consultancy fees) reduced. However, there are concerns on the part of the major associations that a collective deal could benefit teams from weaker leagues at the expense of the leading nations.