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Thread: Original card on DM8000HD

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    Question Original card on DM8000HD

    Cant get my original viasatcard (Sirius 5E) to work in DM8000HD. How and where to put box id and which softcam? The DM 8000HD dont find any card. Where to see if DB has found the card? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Original card on DM8000HD

    Install a image With emu inside, Like Newnigma2 !
    Or other image with addons server, to choose and install a cam/emu to read your card.
    On Newnigma2 you can strait use your card, Go to var/etc and enter your informations on cccam.cfg, reboot.

    Well, since i don't know wich type is your card, i guess it work.

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    Re: Original card on DM8000HD

    Im using Nabilosat blackhole v12. Tried diff softcams but no respons. Looked at the file you said but im afraid I dont understand how and where to write what. Viasat Nordic is sending in NDS and I have a original card for that. Ive tried a boxkey generator for card and boxid to make hex but dont know if its right . Afraid I have to have more detailed info abouth the subject. Hope to get rid of that crappy viasat box. Dont know if my e- adress shows up here anywhere in case it be better sending info there. Thanks for answering so far.

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    Re: Original card on DM8000HD

    Looks like my posts have been seen by many both for the issue in DM 7025 and DM 8000. It also seems that noone will share their knowledge on how to get it work. Just image , softcam dont work for me. Guess there must be a box id somewhere. Yes I have read that it has to be put in Newcs but can someone explain which softcam is best functioning with the mentioned card, which newcs, how to find newcs with dcc (full adress), and how to put it and where in the newcs. Im sure somone have done that before so please share it with others. What else are we here for?

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