French TLP started FTA on 5W

Published: december 10, 2010, 17:42 TODAY!

At position 5 degrees west today launched its satellite broadcasting, another French regional television - TLP (Télé Locale Provence). The program is part of the free satellite platform Fransa.

TLP sending for southern and southwestern part of France - specifically for the Durance (Chateau-Arnoux, Oraison, Manosque), Verdon (Gréoux-Les-Bains) and the Luberon (Ceres, Forcalquier).

Channel TLP provides practical information and news magazines for those territories.

HRW was founded in 1998 and named the calf Ceres. Later it was replaced by TLP Luberon (Télé Locale Pays Luberon). TLP now carries through five DVB-T transmitters.

Station via the DVB-T monitors and 50,000 spectators on the Internet shows regularly sees 200,000 visitors. Currently working for a TLP 12 people.

HRW Satellite signal is distributed FTA.

Technical parameters:

* Atlantic Bird 3 (5 ° W), freq 11.054 GHz, pol V, SR 29950, FEC 7 / 8, DVB-S/QPSK, Service ID 502 Video PID 241 PID aduio 242, FTA