Trace Sport to launch in June 2011

Jörn Krieger | 10-12-2010

European TV broadcaster Trace wants to launch its sports channel Trace Sport in June 2011.

The channel, which will target viewers in the 15-49 years age group, will focus on international sports stars and its schedule will comprise documentaries, reports, portraits and interviews.

Trace’s general director Olivier Laouchez said in Paris. Live coverage of sports events is not planned. The lifestyle and entertainment channel will be distributed on pay-TV platforms in international markets. Carriage deals have been signed with platform operators in 30 countries, said Laouchez without revealing details.

France-based Trace group already operates music channels Trace and Trace Tropical. Both channels will receive a new on-air design in mid-December. At the same time, Trace will be renamed Trace Urban to better illustrate its editorial focus

While Trace Urban targets young people living in cities with urban music styles such as hip-hop, black music, soul and rhythm & blues, Trace Tropical plays music from Latin America and the Caribbean islands, for example reggae, samba, salsa and bossa nova.

The broadcaster’s further expansion plans include launching one of its two music channels in the UK on pay-TV platform Sky Digital in the first quarter of 2011. Test transmissions are currently underway to determine which channel would be most popular among British viewers.