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Thread: Whats wrong with DM 8000

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    Whats wrong with DM 8000

    I have some problems with my DM8000 PVR DVD.
    My DM 8000 dont recognize the DVD. says dvd drive not found. It cant find any cam module inserted, as a matter of fact it crashes and restarts when inserting cams. It cant find any card inserted. Front usb can read some memory sticks as 4gb Kingston but not any of the other memorysticks from other manufactures. Usb in back cant recognize anything. Hdd works fine and is recognized. I can play bought dvd movies with the dvd player though its not recognized but not cd. Shows info on screen with tracks and so but no picture and no sound, just black screen. have updated drivers via softwareupdate in menu. Running BH v 0.12 org skin. And yes its a verified genuine box. Is it the image and will it work with other images? Anything else I can do? Bought this because of the dvd and hd feature. inserted DVB-T tunerblock works fine. Anyone any suggestion what to do other than throw it away as expensive scrap?

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    Re: Whats wrong with DM 8000

    have loaded last gemini skin and everything is running fine except for original NDS viasatcard. Seems to be many fault and wrong drivers in Nabilosat v 012 image

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    Re: Whats wrong with DM 8000

    If you are trying to get the card working with the onboard EMU (Dreamcrypt) that may be you card problem. I think you need some thing like CCcam running.



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    Re: Whats wrong with DM 8000

    SOLVED, another Icvs fixed it.

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