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Thread: DM 7000s reboot problem

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    DM 7000s reboot problem

    Hi, I'm new here and I just bought DM 7000s from one guy. It works fine but when I try to reboot, it shutdown instead of reboot.
    DM 7000s with nabilosat dm 7000 v 0.8
    FP version: 1.06
    usb stick 2G
    Dreamflash v 2.8
    Flashwizard 6.3
    PC with windows 7 and Laptop with Windows xp
    Others images in USB: gemini 4.70 DM7000, gemini 4.60 DM7000, gemini 4.50 DM7000 and EDG-nemesis 5.0 beta dm 7000.
    I try to reboot without usb-stick, it don't reboot but just shutdown, even from Flashwizard 6.3, the same thing. Is somebody can help me, please.

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    Re: DM 7000s reboot problem

    Hi, I found one solution from somebody, I try a Flash Erase, without installing a new image. It was the Multiboot Menu was corrupt. Flash Erase remove the FlashWizard Multiboot Menu. After that, the Flash image boot well.
    Then I run FlashWizard to re-install the MultiBoot menu and then reconnect the USB stick and reboot. Now it is working fine. Thanks all for your helps.

    Best regards, Didier

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