Free introduces dual-box Revolution
14 Dec 10 -

French IPTV provider Iliad Telecom/Free this morning launched its next-generation Intel-based home dual-box server and set-top box, dubbed the Freebox Revolution.

Free is offering the new dual-box package – comprising both a router/NAS server and a set-top – which have been designed by Philip Starck, as part of a triple-play package for €29.99, the same price as its current Freebox HD offer.

The Revolution set-top – the Freebox Player – is based on Intel’s CE4100 processor, enabling the platform to be opened up to the Linux developer community.

The Player comes complete with a Starck-designed remote control that communicates either via IR or radio frequency and includes a triple-axis gyro to enable users to interact with the box via hand movements. It also includes an integrated Blu-ray player, HD video gaming (including two games and a gamepad.

Free has also launched a new user transparent interface including picture-in-picture channel preview and access to hard-disk and web-based programmes and information. Internet TV programmes and apps are available via an online ‘Freestore’.

The Intel X86-based Server box can be used with both ADSL and fibre networks, and including 802.11n wireless connectivity. It also adds connected TV to the Free offer. Including a modem with both ADSL and FTTH plugs enables users to transfer the device to fibre networks when the network in their area is upgraded.

The complete package offered by Free includes calls to all mobile phones in mainland France, DECT connectivity and 250GB of Network Attached Storage, including UPnP capability to enable the sharing of content throughout the home. The server includes two loudspeakers for listening to music, as well as two USB 2.0 ports, an eSATA port and an audio/video input/output.

Free will launch a mobile phone application in January, enabling users to programme to box and start recordings remotely via a mobile.

Free’s chairman Xavier Niel presented the new device to the press at the Pavilion Gabriel in Paris.