Endavo woos telcos with hybrid OTT platform

Michelle Clancy | 15-12-2010

Endavo Media is seeking niche and international programming for telcos entering the digital media business.

Global OTT video services are forecasted by MRG to exceed $1 billion in 2010 and grow to $20 billion in 2014. Endavo's digital media and video services management solution targets telcos wanting to deliver new OTT online video services to multiple screens, integrate OTT content into an existing IPTV service, or both.

The company's platform allows producers and broadcasters to shop and syndicate their content through Endavo’s Screening Room, where content providers get their own media management system account to upload, publish and promote their specific programming to global telco TV partners.

"Interest in syndicated content and Endavo’s OTT Video Services Platform is expanding among the global telco market," the company said in a release.

The company's telco partners have an increasing demand for English-language lifestyle, travel, nature, cooking and children’s programming for global OTT distribution of premium video services. And, there is an immediate need for Filipino and Hindi movies and TV shows.