Romance TV to launch in Poland

Jörn Krieger | 15-12-2010

German media company Mainstream Media AG will export its pay-TV channel Romance TV to Poland: The channel will launch on 17 December at 20.00 CET with the German TV movie “Das Traumschiff: Thailand” on the cable network operated by Toya.

Negotiations for carriage are underway with further platform providers via cable and satellite and the 24 hour schedule mainly comprises German TV productions in Polish language. Like the German channel, Romance TV Polska (h**p:// mainly targets a female audience from 30 years of age with romantic movies and series.

Before launching its own channel, Mainstream Media screened a programme window during the prime-time hours of Polish commercial channel TVS to find out how Romance TV would be received by the local audience. Because of the high popularity, it was decided to create a dedicated Polish channel.

Romance TV Polska is operated by by Warsaw-based local subsidiary Romance TV Polska sp.z.o.o. using a European broadcast licence issued by German media authority Medienanstalt Berlin-Brandenburg.