According to Reuters, Microsoft is in negotiations with content providers ...
Monday or the day of rumors in the United States. In addition Google would have bought (or is about to) Butts for $ 2.5 billion, another case that makes a noise called, faute de mieux, Microsoft TV. According to Reuters, the giant is in talks with several partners to offer a subscription service a la carte.

In one scenario, Microsoft would become a "virtual cable operator" to invite themselves a bit more in the lounge. Users pay for access to channels like CNN without having to subscribe to a package of 150 channels. United States, there is already such a partnership between Microsoft and ESPN via Xbox Live.

Another avenue explored would be to simply turn a little-more-XBOX in the media center, with access to more content "on demand" and social functions for example, to watch Gossip Girl while chatting with her best girlfriend.
Cut the cord

The threat of cordon off several years hanging over the head with cable and satellite VOD and the type offers Netflix / Hulu. In fact, it remains for now a myth, according to a recent study by Nielsen. Yes, some students are doing by fiddling, but most households maintain a subscription.

The ball is in the camp of the content providers. Problem, they are often owned by media conglomerates like Time Warner, which are both cable operator and supplier of Internet access. So, there is a mish-mash where HBO is, for example, available online ... Provided that already pay a subscription via cable / satellite. You can still watch many series on Hulu from its computer, but if you try to access it via Google in the living room TV, a message of apology appears.

The world of TV does not drag the feet only by blind conservatism: it is a business that generates tens of billions of dollars and a windfall partially reinvested in the creation of films and series. If you cut the cord, the income from online advertising and VOD does not weigh much. Nobody has yet found the right formula.