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Thread: XCAM Orion Premium with CAS2

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    XCAM Orion Premium with CAS2

    i want to send a .bix file into my xcam premium orion with cas studio 6.9 but i have a problem
    - I choose cam/xcam premium orion in the menu of cas studio
    - i put the dummy card in the cam then i insert her in the cas2
    - I choose the block 2,then load the .bix file
    - After i push on the "Commencer la programation" Button.
    - The message is "Attente de la connection au module XCAM"
    ("Make an attempt of the connection on module XCAM")
    and after 10 sec the message is "Connection impossible, ré-essayé"
    ("Impossible connection")
    What can i do ?
    Which is the good procedure ?

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    Re: XCAM Orion Premium with CAS2

    if i remember, with cas2 you have to have the cam inserted in a receiver, on a FTA cahnel, to update the cam.

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