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Thread: Diablo cam Wifi cccam problem :)

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    Diablo cam Wifi cccam problem :)

    Hey mates :)

    I have a Diablo cam Wifi 2.3 with the newest underworld 206 on it.

    I have followed the wifi guide here, i have all the right settings(i hope so).

    I can access the diablo cam on my tv and it is connected to the server, however i can gain access to 1 or 2 channels like 4 min before the connection is cut and i cant access the card until i restart the tv or pull it out?

    Can you please help me :)

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    Re: Diablo cam Wifi cccam problem :)

    I used these settings from another forum and it works great. 1 other pointer I have is to check your CAID file and the relevant CAID file for the country of the package you want to watch. I am using underworld 215 and although it is very recent, it was missing some of the latest important Caids.

    Delay : 2, gives a very good result
    Nagra2 emu, OFF
    CW : ON
    CAID : very important which file You use as these contain the CAID information for your channel/package
    Automaic Caid : ON/OFF, i had mixed results with this. Depends on the Package
    all the rest of the settings do no really matter
    LOG : OFF
    Messages : OFF
    EMU : first then Smartcard

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