Timeshifting is a process where you can pause live tv and resume play later.

The pre-requistes are that you have sufficient space to record you media (tv channel), you need approximately 3gb per hour.

A hard disk fitted to the vu+ is recommended for this. You can use an internal sata drive for the VU+ Duo but need to use an external USB drive for the VU+ Solo.

You can also choose to use a suitable USB Pen Drive or USB Flash Drive.

There is also the option for VU+ Solo users (and Duo users really) to use IDE disks, Sata Disks with interface convertors.

There are many other types of convertor out there. I personnally use the IDE to SATA shown above to put a 1TB drive iside an older PC unit as the main drive and it works a treat!

See the guide Installing a HDD in the VU Solo to get started with the Hard Disk, If you already have one installed the continue reading.

Using the timeshift feature.

To start timeshift (pause live tv) use the Video controls on your remote and press pause as shown.

Upon pressing pause you will notice at the top of the screen that a scroll bar has appeared. This is now showing the program is being recorded to storage. The menu can be hidden by pressing the "exit" key on your remote but timeshift will continue.

You can now use the fast forward or rewind keys to any part of the timeshift recording whilst it is in progress, however you cannot rewind or fast forward to any part of the day where you did not set timeshifting. You can also pause again if you wish to.

To stop timeshifting simply press stop on your video controls of your remote

Select "OK" on the remote to stop timeshift or select no in the options to continue recording to disk.

Thanks Mikes