How to use SHOUTCAST (tutorial based on VTi 2.1 OE1.6)

Install Shoutcast and start it from your plugin menu

The main difference between the Shoutcast and NETCaster plugins is the menu system (GUI), with the Shoutcast plugin you can save the streams to disk either by whole recording or split into tracks.

Press GREEN to select from a Genre

From here you can select a Web Radio Station

Once the channel/station starts playing details of the current track details will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Pressing MENU brings up another option menu

Here you can add it to your favourites list.

You can search for stations by text input

From the CONFIG option you can set the individual settings

You can set what streaming rates you are happy to receive.

Whether or not to reload the cached station list.

You can rip/record either to a single file by selecting YES or multiple files with NO

Create a directory for each stream with seperate different recordings from different stations.

Add sequence number, saves filenames as 01, 02 etc

Set recording location sets the path on which to save anything you decide to record.

Upon pressing RED to record whilst a station is playing you can set a defined time or set zero (0) for indefinate whilst the plugin is active.

Streams will be recorded to the path you set, usually in *.aac format with a *.cue file, the are playable in mediaplayer.

Thanks Mikes