The Shoutcast internet radio plugin can be used to record your music to disc

You have two options avaliable, you can either save to seperate mp3 files; or to a disc image *.cue and *.aac file.

The second type I have mentioned is default in shoutcast.

I am going to start this tutorial by showing you the first method I have mentioned, ie mp3 seperate tracks.
First start up the shoutcast plugin (see other tutorials to install it) and start up a station you want to listen to.

The screenshot here shows it already recording, the red button will normally say "record"

now press MENU

select CONFIG

Here set up how you wish to record

Rip to single file = NO , the YES option will create the disc image and cue sheet.

You don't have to add a sequence number, what this does is name your tracks with the prefix 0001_, 0002_ etc

This is the view you get from FTP programs, the files are recorded directly to disc as mp3 files. Here you can do what you wish with them.

Remember you must own the original to keep the files.

When you press the RED button to start recording you will be asked how long for, ZERO is unlimited until you press RED again and select STOP.


The shoutcast plugin will continue to record even if you exit the plugin and go back to TV mode unless you STOP it

Thanks Mikes