How to create the 3D DVD covers for use with Movie Jukebox


This program can with a little settings modification create you 3D DVD Covers from flat ones you dowload from cd cover sites.

Click single cover for single a cover set, then browse and select your file.

This preview is automatically created from your file like the one below


Make sure the Cover type is set to DVD: Standard, There is nothing you need to change on this page.

Click the layers tab, and set the following settings.

Cover position: Center

Untick: Show Layer

Untick: Show Disc

Untick: Show Text Box layer

The next settings show the weird behaviour of the program and it might be fixed in new releases.

Click The background tab.

Click Use Bitmap

Position > Stretch to fit

Set: Bitmap Opacity 0%

Set: Bitmap Depth Blur 0%

Untick: Create Background Reflection

Untick: Show Bottom Color

Set: Background color to white

Set Opacity to lowest it will go.

Use colors should now be de-selected, but you need to set top and bottom colors to white and untick fade

Now goto STATIC VIEW and the right hand tab selector and select view 2 , You can actually use any image export you want to but Movie Jukebox is deigned for type 2. Others might show incorectly.

OK so you are nearly there and the peace of mind is knowing that the program will keep the majority of the settings next time you use it.

Click the tab called EXPORT (Not the buttons)

Set The export to BITMAP EXPORT and PNG - Portable Network Graphics and tick INTERLACED

Now make sure you image is centered by using the position sliders at the bottom of the screen.

Here is a few issues that may be fixed in future releases.

1. Image size export is faulty when you export a PNG.

2. PNG's exported with the SAVE button on the left in the export tab do NOT work with Movie Jukebox.

Click Export PNG, Save your file in the same directory as your film and name it like this.

Movie: Hancock.avi

PNG: Hancock.avi.png

There you just named the file to work with movie jukebox, next you will be prompted for a filesize.

This is the filesize that Movie Jukebox uses.

Now click Apply and your file will be created.

Thanks Mikes