Cyfrowy Polsat signed a contract with Mobyland

2010-12-16 3:34:29 p.m. / Anita Dabek
Last updated: 2010-12-16 3:38:35 p.m.
Source: CP
Company Cyfrowy Polsat signed with the company Mobyland a cooperation agreement concerning the use of the radio network Mobyland company in the provision of wireless internet technology HSPA + and LTE . The agreement Mobyland Cyfrowy Polsat will provide access to its radio network at a frequency of 900 MHz , which is owned Aero2 and 1800 MHz in the LTE and HSPA +.

The agreement was concluded for an indefinite period, and its value will be defined on the basis of separate contracts issued by Cyfrowy Polsat, the purchase data services, expressed as the amount of GB.

On signing the contract by Cyfrowy Polsat first order, involving the purchase of transmission services 12 million GB with a guaranteed period of validity of the data packet to 31 December 2013 and the price of 0.00903 zł net / 1 MB . Payment of the above order will be in 12 equal monthly installments starting January 2011

- I'm very happy with the shape of the signed contract. Thanks to her we have access to the latest technology at very attractive prices, which will enable us to develop exciting new services for our subscribers. In addition, this agreement gives us great flexibility in the size range of packages ordered and the time to use them, which further increases our competitiveness. The first order fully meets the business needs of our company's data services over the projection period, provision for current and future customers - said Dominik Libicki, President, Cyfrowy Polsat SA.

Subsequent orders Cyfrowy Polsat plans to apply at a later date, and their value will depend on the geographical scope and the size of the network Mobyland ordered data services.

Currently, the radio network HSPA + scope covers nearly 11,000 village, about 45% of the country's population and about 35% of the population Cyfrowy Polsat subscribers .

The conclusion of the agreement is the strategy Cyfrowy Polsat, which involves the provision of integrated customer service platform - television, Internet and mobile telephony under one contract, the subscription fee and invoices.

Cyfrowy Polsat since February. provides access to broadband technology HSPA + . In October this year. its speed was increased to 28.8 Mb / s , through the use of technology, MIMO . In the first quarter of 2011, Cyfrowy Polsat as the first supplier in Poland and the fourth in Europe to offer its customers Internet LTE (3.9 G) , considered the future of wireless broadband Internet access and a successor now widely used standard UMTS. The company has already ordered the first batch of modems, speed 1000 , and December 1. moved enabling provisions for the promotion of the use of new technology for free, even for half a year.