TVP selling unnecessary property

2010-12-16 9:05:48 / Paul Nietrzpiel
Last updated: 2010-12-16 1:59:35 p.m.
Source: presserwis
Polish Television intends to sell its three properties: in Poznan , of John Hill and Jachranka . From the sale of its facilities expects to receive approximately 17 million zł . Tender proceedings have been initiated in the first two properties, so soon in the press announcement should appear. Sales of "Jachranki" also is expected to begin later this year.

TVP provides that the sales of these three objects, the supervisory board has agreed to public television, and the process related to the sale to date is agreed with the Ministry of the Treasury. Please note that the formal acceptance of the ministry will be needed to finalize the sale of the award decision. With this, however, may vary, for example, in 2007, the Ministry has not agreed to sell the building, TVP in.

Polish TV money raised from the sale will be devoted to the development of the productive base and technology investments . In addition to the building in Poznan, of John Hill and Jachranka, TVP got nine others, unnecessary property , which also intends to sell. Thanks to save such on the cost of maintaining unneeded facilities (fees, taxes, energy, security). Generally, Polish Television can gain from the sale of approximately 60 million zł .