Icareus delivers DVB-H mobile TV solutions to Jamaica

Icareus Technologies’ DVB-H Mobile TV Playout solutions are powering the recently launched LIME TV in Jamaica. LIME Jamaica (part of Cable & Wireless Communications Plc.) is partnering with DC Digital to offer DVB-H mobile-TV services to LIME’s customers. In the beginning the service will consist of ten channels and it will be available for both pre-paid and post paid customers in the Greater Kingston area and ST. Catharine.

The Mobile-TV delivery made to LIME and DC Digital consisted of Icareus Playout ES100 ESG ServerTM and Icareus Playout IE100 IPEncapsulator solutions. In addition, Icareus integrated the Playout solutions with a 3rd party conditional access system.

Icareus Playout ES100 ESG Server provides Electronic Service Guide (ESG) information about the services available in an IP Datacast environment. Through the information in the ESG, a user can select the services and items of interest. The ESG also provides information that enables the terminal to connect to the related IP stream in the transport stream. In addition, Icareus ES100 utilises the Interactive Objects of Oma-Bcast standard giving an opportunity to provide value added Interactive services over Mobile TV service. Icareus Playout ES100 ESG Server supports open Mobile TV standard like Oma-Bcast, IPDC as well as DVB-H, ATSC M/H and ISDBTb/1seg environments. The version delivered to LIME and DC Digital supports Oma-Bcast and DVB-H standards.

Icareus IE100 IPEncapsulator is a DVB-H compliant IP datacast solution using MPE (Multiprotocol Encapsulation) of IP data into MPEG-2 Transport Stream. The Encapsulator can be used both in centralised network configurations where IP Encapsulation is performed at the headend, and in distributed network configurations where IP Encapsulation is performed at the broadcast cell. When configured for head-end usage, the Encapsulator can be deployed in an effective N+1 redundancy configuration, where each Encapsulator provides the MPE feed for a regional or an SFN network. When used at the broadcast cell, the Encapsulator can multiplex and re-time-slice national MPE feeds with local MPE feeds. The IP Encapsulator provided to LIME and DC Digital supported also statistical multiplexing so that valuable bandwidth could be saved.