ESS has opened a new transponder on the satellite, THOR 6
Published: December 17, 2010, 20:09 TODAY! | Author: editor

Company ESS (Eastern Space Systems) started broadcasting on a new transponder satellite , THOR 6 ( 0.8 W ). The new capacity is currently intended for distribution to Hungarian pay-TV programs.

The new multiplex ESS broadcast programs Reflector Film + 2, Prism, Series, TV Muzsika. All stations are Conax encryption system ( CAID 0B02) and designed for the needs of the Hungarian market.

ESS provides a distribution platform for the dissemination of a number of Hungarian and Romanian programs on TV.

ESS still ran a transponder (freq 11.747 GHz, pol H SR 28000, FEC 5 / 6) software Kanal D TV Party, SportKlub Romania, Poland SportKlub, SportKlub + Poland, Paprika TV, VH1, Fishing and Hunting DoQ , TV audiences, Filmbox, Filmbox Plus and National FM radio station and Itsy Bitsy FM. Some of the channels are accessible to subscribers of UPC Direct and Focus Sat. For Direct Clients are Fishing and Hunting and DoQ.

technical parameters of the new transponder:

* Thor 6 ( 0.8 W ), freq 11.976 GHz, pol H SR 28000, FEC 7 / 8, DVB-S/QPSK