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Thread: RTV Hit the satellite, but a little later

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    RTV Hit the satellite, but a little later

    RTV Hit the satellite, but a little later

    2010-12-17 2:12:43 p.m. / Janusz Sulisz
    Last updated: 2010-12-17 4:52:35 p.m.
    Source: Portal Resiveri.Net
    Private television station RTV Hit , based in the city of Brcko in Bosnia and Herzegovina once again postponed the start date start satellite transmission. The reason given by either the sender is the high cost of leasing satellite capacity. Although talks are being held with the operators of some platforms, it is unlikely that the station appeared on the satellite in the near future.

    RTV Hit is a regional channel with the general subject, offering information programs, entertainment and much more.
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