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    | About DCW-Plugin: |
    Due to the fact that S2emu doesn't handle fixed DCW (yet??), I edited
    Zhanmo1's source code for BISS - to be used additionally to S2emu.
    DCW-Plugin is a MultiDec compatible plugin.
    Its purpose is to decode channels that are using constant DCW. (64-bits CW)
    Keys are stored in "DCW.ini".
    Place DCW.dll in Root directory or Plugins folder of ProgDVB.
    DCW.ini is expected in Root directory.
    Note: Fixed DCW are e.g. used when a provider has technical difficulties
    // INFO: //
    DCW plugin also could handle BISS keys (though not neccessary - because
    S2emu handles BISS keys) - you can enter BISS keys in DCW.ini.
    You just need to edit your BISS keys:
    Biss Key Example: 112233AABBCC
    => In DCW it should look like this:
    DCW Key Example: 112233FFAABBCCFF112233FFAABBCCFF

    2006 by Tyler Durden (based on Zhanmo1's source code for BISS)

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    Re: DCWplugin1.0

    how to use this plugin exactly ?

    DCW Plugin + S2emu in plugin folder of progdvb , write log and after ....

    this plugin could work with other softs like MyTheatre or AltDVB ?

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