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Thread: ArteVideo Version x.x

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    ArteVideo Version x.x

    arte video version 1.0 from 12.15.2010

    For PC there are not many programs that can save video from the Arte video store because they are streamed in the rtmp protocol. On the Azbox that goes very well, but the videos are in flv format. Fortunately, they have the correct codecs - avc1 (h264) and mp4a (aac), must not be transferred converted, but only in the MP4 container to keep them in the movie menu Azbox view. In this plugin, everything is included, what is needed.

    The Arte video store offers their videos in a French version. To even get close to coming, you can switch the language on the tab 'Config' to, and after reloading of the categories are the contributions listed. English is not tested, generally there are only French-language contributions. The pictures is just set in French.
    The posts are there in each of SD or HD quality can be set here.
    When you save the configuration language, resolution and path are taken into account to the disk. Those who use multiple USB hard drives or multiple partitions can adjust the path in / PLUGINS / arte video / arte.cfg with a FTP program from your PC.
    Use the green button you can switch off the storage in a separate folder 'arte', or again.
    With the yellow function key to AutoSuggest function for the search is enabled or disabled.
    With the red / blue function key to switch to other riders.

    On the tab 'arte' first choose the category:
    - All videos (from the current categories to science)
    - Shipments (by sending rows A-Z)
    - ARTE +7 (selection of the most recent broadcasts)
    - The search function
    If you select the search function, the term (maximum 20 characters) can be entered using the numeric keypad. When the AutoSuggest you are at least two characters and waits for a moment on the proposals in the list. When the word here is to navigate there and 'OK', it is registered as a search term. Then fill it with 'OK' to the list. Then, individual sections will be selected to display the individual contributions on the detail tab. In the search and ARTE +7 equal individual contributions can be seen on the detail tab. The blue button with the little house 'HOME' brings the cursor back in the top row. be entered in the search in French, the term also in French.

    On the tab 'Details' you can see the titles of their contributions, and making their choices by navigating to the title and 'OK'. One can switch to the tab 'Arte' other reserve categories and invite further contributions in this section for the download.

    On the tab 'Download' are then for all previously selected individual review for more information see switch, left / right.
    Here you can also start the download (one at a time). The directory path is created when you save. During the download, there is a progress bar, file size and will last term displayed. A 60 minute video download often takes longer than 10 minutes. Unfortunately, there is no reliable information before the runtime of the contributions. Sometimes you can see here a reference that can be wrong.

    On the tab 'flv2mp4' turn into a list that already fetched flv files displayed in order to transfer them in the last step in the mp4 container (rename is not enough). It takes minutes for a 15-minute video 3 to 5, depending on the quality (HD is 720x404, SD = 384x216). For this transfer to work, the file in the ffmpeg directory for the video (without / arte) may be present (shown on the tab "Config"). Use the arrow keys to navigate to the video on the list and 'OK' to begin the transfer. It takes a few seconds until a progress bar. The picture just an SD file is converted, ready files are identified in the last column with OK. Unfortunately, you can look at the resulting mp4 file until it is completely finished, but you can stop the plugin and do something else until the conversion is complete.
    Old flv files can be deleted using the File Manger Azbox.

    The plugin is running very well for me, as always, no ads - no spyware.
    While downloading, or when converting the plugin responds reluctantly keystrokes - this is normal.

    What does not:
    1. With contributions from about 30 min running time, the server has a habit of interrupting the download sometimes prematurely. This is noticed by the plugin and displayed. The RESUME function in the console program rtmpdump, which is responsible for work, not on the Azbox, it works on PC. I have not found a solution. The plugin is all ready to include in such a case, the download again, but can not be used. 'Resume' do not use! 'Resume' ne pas utiliser!
    One can look at the article after converting at least in part, or try again another day. My impression is favorable in such a case, if you have a slow Internet connection.
    2. Leaves more than 20 detail lines is not installed
    3. Eternal problem: in the lists or in the info text on the download tab sometimes html radicals, uncaught html entities or non-convertible aborts the text (the use of libiconv), not bad

    The plugin will work without the conversion part, the videos can not be played directly with the Azbox.
    Separate conversion program (4 MB) ->
    zip archive, unzip and copy the file ffmpeg with a FTP program from your PC to Azbox
    - With an internal hard drive to / DATA / movie /
    - With external hard drive to / DATA/usb1/sda1/movie /
    or connect to the PC and to x: \ movie \ copy (for Windows, x is the drive letter of the USB hard drive).
    Then maybe need executable.
    On disks with FAT32 file system, it is possible that the partition is mounted without the exec option ... or with noexec. Then does the conversion, because the program is not executable. In this case there is on the tab 'Config' to contain FAT32 partition?.
    You can navigate through there, and if it is FAT32, because, after all sorts of information vfat, including 'noexec'. Then you press 'OK' to remount to mount the partition suit. If successful, the text is blue without 'noexec'.

    Version 1.1
    - In remount text will now be refreshed properly
    - Preventing further downloads when a download is active,
    - Better protection of the file name against non-usable signs
    - Display the file name when downloading, formed from the post title, the selected number and the time
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    Re: ArteVideo Version x.x

    Version 1.2

    - New: Scroll to the Details tab with keys 'CH + and CH-', with unlimited search up to 50 posts, otherwise
    This should now get at each post.
    In the French contribution is now clear that very often the text will be canceled. Maybe someone tells me how to properly work with the libiconv. Now the output character set is UTF-8, says the website, the target character set iso_8859-1.

    - On flv2mp4 converting only the row is refreshed with the changes, not so much by jerks the image.
    If you like to convert another file, will not stand for a few seconds, the display of the last conversion.
    The first line is now 'OK' is displayed when the file is converted (went for obscure reasons, not before)

    Thank you to press the button is nice, bring me as a developer but nothing.
    So a plea to all to try it or have tried:
    Says what is good and what is not particularly bad or be improved.

    Installation ->
    Replacement of existing installations ->
    ffmpeg (unchanged) must be available to pick from rapidshare, but here at up to 10 MB file attachments works, but not.
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    Re: ArteVideo Version x.x

    Version 1.3

    Errors found during the conversion of character sets, much better now - Text abortions rare
    New: Delete old flv files on the riders 'flv2mp4' with key 'DEL' prompt and confirm with 'red ' break with 'yellow' or arrow keys

    Installation 250 kB ->
    Exchange of the binary file ->
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