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Thread: Prime Time Manager 0.9 (Preview)

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    Prime Time Manager 0.9 (Preview)

    Prime Time Manager 0.9 (Preview)

    About the plugin:

    The plugin is designed to simplify the selection of prime-time shows. The user can make a selection of interesting items for him and them with one click as Zap ("live view" program) - can be set or recording timer. If there are conflicts between programs on your selection (Favorites) come (if not enough spare tuner available) will attempt these conflicts by setting timers to solve for broadcast repeats. It can be "planned" for several days in advance. Existing timers are detected, displayed and taken into account.

    up / down: change between prime time and favorites list
    left / right: selection marker in prime-time favorites and move left / right. The list will be scrolled if necessary.
    ok: broadcast from prime-time favorites list, or delete from favorites.
    0: the "live view" Set mark
    Bouquet + / -: Change the bouquets
    Left / Right: Change of the day
    Info: Show EPG Info

    Possible settings:
    Prime Time time (default: 20:15 clock)
    Display of duration or end time of the broadcasts (default: time)
    Show the number of conflicts on / off (default: on)

    Extract from the TODO list:
    resolve conflicts of favorites by setting timers for repeats of shows. Highest priority is given to "view live broadcasts (zap-timer), so be free in any case, a tuner should see this show live to. Under certain circumstances, transfer to auto timer plugin.
    Support for XD and HD Skins (5 items side by side)
    Save / Load selection of favorites
    Second prime-time period (for Dr. Best)
    Display which channels there are conflicts

    Known issues:
    So far, only Timer favorites are set if there are no conflicts.
    Get back Dene timer can be cleared only on the first entry of the timer. Favorites entries are not deleted on the following days.

    Please note that this is a preview version and not all planned features are present.

    Many thanks to Dr. Best for his tireless and Applications Support to the testers and djangp Weazle!

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    Re: Prime Time Manager 0.9 (Preview)

    Stand 23.12.10 (Version 0.9.1)

    Show unhandled key icon for some unhandled keys
    Show number of conflicts as digital-7 numbers
    Removed option "show conflict numbers"
    Added yet another message box. The user needs to confirm the "set day" function
    "View live" events are now set as zap timers
    Lowered the height of the prime time event entries and increased the height of the description

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    Re: Prime Time Manager 0.9 (Preview)


    New version 1.0

    - Timer can be created with pre-and post-time
    - Help key evidence for the main and the results window

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