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Thread: Risk to buy?

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    Risk to buy?

    Is it a big risk to buy a Cerebro/Zebra/Didem in the UK?
    People had serious troubles in Germany after they bought their cards...

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    Re: Risk to buy?

    Well if your looking for some sound advice. Forget about the Internet, unless you don't have a better choice.
    (i.e. Internet = Papertrail = your ID),. Allthough I was able to find the Card on the 'Net / eBay for as low as
    €69.00(EUR), and ca.7.00(EUR), S&H.

    I ended up paying €85.00(EUR), in the end for my Card. But, then how much is your anonymity worth to you.
    I paid my Local DX'er Shop Owner in Cash, and he didn't ask any questions, and nither did I!!

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