Cable TV will record 18 million broadband accesses in 2015

By 2015, over 62,5 million fixed broadband access will be recorded, which will account for a 37.9% penetration over total households of the region and a 57% expansion rateas compared with 2010. Cable TV will record about 18 million of such accesses, thus gaining a 28.75% market share. The 48.8% of total CATV subscribers will be cable modem users. Such information has been relased in the so-called "Fixed Broadband and Telephony Opportunities for CATV Operators, 2005-2015", issued by Dataxis NexTV Latam.

In 2010, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina will keep on recording the greatest access volumes in the region. In turn, Mexico, Chile and Argentina will record the best fixed broadband access-household relation.

By 2010 end, Latin America will record almost 40 million fixed beoadband accesses, that is, the 26.2% of households in the region. According to the study, accesses have multipled by 4.5 since 2005. In 2010, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina will record the greatest access volumes. On the other hand, Mexico, Chile and Uruguay will be the markets with the best access-household relation. Therefore, Mexico becomes the leader for the first time.

In turn, cable TV broadband accesses will amount to 10,8 million accesses by 2010 end, a little more than the 27% of the total. Cable modem alternatives have managed to multiply their volumes 4.7 times since 2005, thus recording a better performance than total accerss market average. Cable operations record high retention rates. In 2010, a little over the 41% of total CATV users had related broadband accesses. In turn, about the 67% of auch accesses had a related telephone line. In 2015, thenumber of operating fixed lines in hands of Pay-TV will account for the 96.4% of cable modem accesses.