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Thread: Nearly 500 days until the end of analogue on Astra satellites

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    Nearly 500 days until the end of analogue on Astra satellites

    Nearly 500 days until the end of analogue on Astra satellites
    Luxembourg satellite operator SES Astra has launched a countdown to the end of analog broadcasting on Astra satellites at 19.2 degrees east longitude. For nearly 500 days of the last isolated analog signal on the Astra satellites.

    The countdown is mainly focused on the German satellite viewers who still watch analog broadcasts, and for other monitoring programs will be forced to buy a TV or set top box.

    According to a survey by SES Astra analogue switch-off affect approximately 20 percent of television households with satellite TV, which is about 3.6 million m connections. According to the survey, each household up to two receivers, so the shutdown affects more than seven million analog sets that must be replaced by digital.

    For the industry is off more good news. Every day must be sold on average 17,500 digital receivers to ensure a smooth transition to digital reception programs. For manufacturers, dealers and installers to create the migration potential of the digital satellite broadcasting more than 1 billion. About 80 percent of satellite households in Germany following television programming via satellite is already digital. According to the survey "Satellite Monitor 2010 is a leading digital satellite infrastructure, digital cable TV is only 38% share.

    Wolfgang Elsässer, head of SES Astra Germany, recommends analogue satellite viewers switch to digital now receiving stations, thereby avoiding problems that need to be resolved by April 30, 2012. The migration to digital broadcasting is easy and hassle free - all programs are known from the analogue broadcasts on the Astra satellites found in digital quality, including public and commercial programs. Furthermore, the viewer gets access to dozens of other television and radio programs, including stations in high definition ( HDTV ) and sound multikanálovému.

    Astra with broadcasting companies and the industry for several years working in the process of digitization of satellite broadcasting through active information campaigns, marketing and training, joint activities and public relations.

    For about 500 days of analogue satellite receivers become part of the history of satellite broadcasting and analog transmitters for hunting only left with memories.

    according to Digital Fernsehen

    December 22, 2010
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