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Thread: Could the problem of jamming of BBC Persian

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    Could the problem of jamming of BBC Persian

    Could the problem of jamming of BBC Persian

    2010-12-22 11:43:15 / Anita Dabek
    Last updated: 2010-12-22 1:56:18 p.m.
    Source: broadbandtvnews
    British authorities were considering moving up to the French government to persuade Eutelsat to broadcast off the Iranian broadcaster IRIB in connection with the Iranian jamming station BBC Persian Service, VOA and Deutsche Welle . According to the "Wikileaks", Jaime Turner, vice president of multilateral affairs in Iran Group Foreign and Commonwealth Office, told American officials that Eutelsat was pressured to withdraw from the BBC Persian service of HOT BIRD (13E) after complaints that the term shall include those jamming signals.

    BBC has offered a different satellite, but with a smaller range than the HOT BIRD. Retired from the multiplex Globecast, the signal was restored to the BBC's HOT BIRD, and is now present on a total of four satellites.

    Eutelsat has already submitted a complaint to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), but Turner said that the ITU has no enforcement power, so instead of that other measures should be implemented. Turner noted that Eutelsat would be vulnerable to suggestions from the French government because of the cap that could be obtained in this way.

    In the UK, also examined ways to reduce the activity of Press TV , the Iranian English-language broadcasters, who has offices in London with 80 employees and operating under license from Ofcom. The station and its controversial presenter George Galloway had been criticized by the regulator Ofcom for breach of the principle of impartiality.

    An informal survey conducted by the British embassy in Tehran, showed that less than 15% of people in Tehran have access to the BBC or the VOA Persian. Sometimes people were able to hear the sound, but there was no picture.
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