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Thread: ruDREAM b110 2.1 Maxvar and Amendments by

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    ruDREAM b110 2.1 Maxvar and Amendments by

    Image ruDREAM b110 2.1 Maxvar and Amendments by

    Of amendments that I have made the following:
    * the work of two of each image by Emo different one with CCcam 2.2.1 and the second with MGcamd 1.35a .
    * change image to begin in HD with the possibility of change.
    * keep on askin the original even gained space in the image to merge Alaimohat .. And may you make changes to Alexin is very large .. And above all, no knife gift from me to you on the download link.
    * the integration of French rather than Arabic, because the picture does not support the language, unfortunately, and who wants to send another language is the language file to this path var / share / locale because the server is turned off.
    * amendment to the file buttons and this has become easier to manage in the channel list and show the service of PVR .
    * amendment to the selection of Arabic channels and movies dubbed localized TH .
    * Drive change is the last issue and this Megaupload Saaaaruch.
    * change the file path Logos and Search and radio and MP3 and local time , and file satellites . As is usual in my edits so you can change what you want depending on your desire, and all you will find in the path var / RAED .
    * Merge Alaimohat following two different CCcam 2.2.1 , MGcamd 1.35a .
    * Merge files MgCamd Config .
    * Merge CCcam info 1.1 .
    * Merge Pelagian Movie player .
    * you make changes to Skrebat Alaimohat even work even faster boot and this becomes very fast and Megaupload shot.
    * Pelagian Teletext works great.

    There in the deletion Skrebat to delete the previous additions, if ye delete a particular thing .. And the method of deletion so on .. Pressure on the yellow button then Addons Managment then click on the Ok then access the Installed packages will then show the deletion put a check mark in front of anything you want to delete and then press the red button and will be deleted.

    Note very important: the former was my edits in this path var / bin / RAED either now All of my edits will be directly in the path var / RAED until there is stability in the picture more

    When you adjust the picture settings must be done hot restart when you choose either emo or emo if it stops working you should work restart

    And as I told you my gift to you is ... Knife SAMAR 4 where you edit it heavily to fit this picture .. Download link below next to download pictures and links .. The knife should be sent manually after the break for Algdt

    And all the amendments added and merge in the heart of the image away from the area var and thus acquire a very large area.
    You can pass to the Fund's dreams Bostp program Flashwizard or Dreamup
    Some photos of saccharin to the amendments Hwooowoowot

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