PKT mod 1.2.334 ABCOM rev 1.2.1 Xmas Edition

Changes PKT:
- New EMUmanager 1.0.0 - has accelerated the speed of
- Added coding system skinach POINT
- fix the subtitles
- Update Picon
- Updated list of channels
- amendment VFD black menu
- Christmas bootlogo
- a lot of amendments relating to the functionality, speed and stability performance fashion pts

Annex optional skin (must decompress and copy to / usr/share/enigma2), which due to errors in the use of the PGI in the original firmware has not been added to fashion PTS

Gracias a PKT Team

9900 HD

Download 9900_usb_sata_334_XE.tar.gz

Download 9900_flash_334_XE.tar.gz

99 HD

Download 99_flash_334__XE.tar.gz

Download 99_usb_sata_334_XE.tar.gz

55 HD

Download 55_usb_sata_334_XE.tar.gz

Download 55_flash_334_XE.tar.gz