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Thread: Cline 24/7

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    Cline 24/7 for exchange !


    Cline for exchange free 24/24

    Cards needed : D+ HD & Csat HD
    Ping : europe
    no active cline no exchange

    Cccam 2.1.4 + DM800HD

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    Re: Cline 24/7


    read the rules

    Cardsharing Exchange - Rules and Guidelines

    In order to keep the cardsharing exchange running well and to prevent problems, please follow these simple rules. (Click Here for a complete list of forum rules)
    If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact one of the Staff Members.

    * To prevent spam, posting c-lines, d-lines or email addresses in public is not allowed! Please use the Private Message System to exchange private information.
    * When posting a new thread, please include your local card(s) in the title. (example: Local(s) Provider1 / Provider2 / Provider3 / ... )
    * Multiple or repeated posting in order to stay on top is not allowed. Please wait a reasonable amount of time (at least 7 days) before posting your message again.
    * We do not allow people to post threads to advertise or solicit a paid cardsharing service! Posting links to such services is also prohibited.

    Please follow the below example as a guidline on how to post in the cardsharing exchange.

    Thread title:


    Local(s) Provider1 / Provider2 / Provider3 / ...

    Thread content:


    My working local(s) = Provider1 Option(s) / Provider2 Option(s) / ... / ...
    My receiver(s) = DM500, DM600, DM800, ...
    My linux Distro = Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, ... (optional if you're using a computer as a server)
    My Inet = DSL / Fiber / Sat | DL/UL speeds | GeoLocation [EURO;US;RU;ASIA;AFRICA;...]
    Cards needed = specifie what your looking for.
    Reshare = Yes/No (using more than one level down depreciated)
    Stats Hop 1 = xx (getting more than ~50 cards is useless)
    Emulated proto = Accepted/Not Accepted (SCam, Incubus,....)
    Notes = no local no exchange / no active cline no exchange

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