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Thread: Microbox with usb to serial adaptor

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    Microbox with usb to serial adaptor

    Dear Colleagues,
    I'm facing a serious problem with the new loader of the microbox II. Before I was able to upgrade my microbox I with my usb to serial cable without any problem but with the new loader I get no response so I do the process with another PC with an ordinary serial cable on com 1. My laptop has no serial o/p and all of them are usb. This is why I'm using a usb to serial adapter. I'm looking forward for your replies.
    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Microbox with usb to serial adaptor

    Same problem with me, I can not see microbox with loader without USB option. DoUp.exe has it and microbox1 upgraded fine, but not so for microbox2 with new loader without USB option.

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    Re: Microbox with usb to serial adaptor

    I am using the USB adapter, what I do is start the download with microbox 2, unplug the power for 2 seconds, then connect the power again. it will work after that.

    Now with me, I try to update the microbox, load the software, and plug it back in, im using hotbird for reciever, and w3 for mircobox, and it will not work anymore. It was working fine before I tried to update it.. any help?

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    Re: Microbox with usb to serial adaptor


    dear members i have microbox II with last software v2.25. but the problem is that when i start my box there is nothing on it and remote not work except "menu & Exit" ans in menu there is no setting for FTA receiver? only shows the dongle sattelite sellect menu disq menu and baud rate adjustment. when i adjust all and exit then it ask to save settings then restart and after that same problem plz plz plz help me in detail thanks in advance

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    Re: Microbox with usb to serial adaptor

    mine is not working

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