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Thread: JaZUp 1.2 by Hectore and Pr2

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    JaZUp 1.2 by Hectore and Pr2


    JaZUp is a Java based AZbox upgrade to E2 / downgrade to official firmware application.

    Please take the time to read the full user guide provided in PDF format.

    For end-user willing to run JaZUp on Mac OSX or Ubuntu, you will need to set the execute attribute to (chmod 755) to be able to launch it.

    JaZUp always flash the kernel so you don't have a specific option for this.

    For Windows user, once you have at least Java Runtine Environnement (version 5) installed you can just double click on jazup.jar like any other software.

    JRE is available at: h__p://

    Made for you by Hectore & Pr2
    Thanks to: The_Ripper, MickeySa, Telesat, ... and all the people involved in this challenging E2 on Azbox experience.

    Quote Originally Posted by change log:

    - fix E2 partitions problems on official DOM (256MB) if needed
    - new option to automatically rename patch.bin into _patch.bin to allow Azbox full reboot after upgrade
    - change jazbackup.tgz into jazbck.tgz, if you have a backup done with JaZUp 1.0 or 1.1 please rename it manually to be compatible with JaZUp 1.2 (the content is the same only the file name is changed).
    - fix the no hostname bug
    - Improve end-user messages
    - User guide updated with the new option (v0.4)
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