Qatar to launch weather channel
by Chris Newbould on Dec 29, 2010

Qatar has announced it is to launch a satellite television channel for weather forecasts next year, paving the way for Groundhog Day made real and possibly bidding for a world record for repeated use of the words ‘sunny’ and ‘warm’.

“The Meteorology Department will launch a satellite channel for weather forecast by mid-2011. It will telecast weather forecast reports and bulletins throughout the day,” said Ahmad Abdullah Mohammad, head of Qatar’s Department of Meteorology. “Later, the line up will be expanded to documentaries and other programmes,” he added in Qatari daily The Peninsula.

Staff is to be trained in the latest technology and developments in weather forecasting to provide the best services, he said.
The department has granted 24 people scholarships for training and education in meteorology in Qatar, the United States and the United Kingdom.

“I cannot say we are the best in the region. But we want to assure you that Qatar Meteorology Department has been among the best for the last two years. We have the most advanced technology and continue to train our staff at workshops held in Qatar and abroad. We are working to get the ISO certificate for our weather forecast,” Mohammed continued.

He added that 95 per cent of Qatar Meteorology Department’s weather forecasts are accurate, rather begging the question of exactly what was predicted for the remaining five per cent of the time.