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Thread: Logging Programs.

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    Talking Logging Programs.

    Hi all, let's see if we can get the ball rolling.
    Kindest Regards, Bill.

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    Talking Re: Logging Programs.

    Here's another you may prefer. "Wallbanger".

    Go here for the Tutorial. ........

    Kindest Regards, Bill.

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    Talking Re: Logging Programs.

    MasterLog. Enjoy, Bill and the FunFiles Team.

    Readme-File for Master-Log (V3.5)
    ************************************************** *
    * Attention: Viewing Pay-TV without having an Abo *
    * is illegal and completely at your own risk *
    * This Program is for educational Purposes only *
    ************************************************** *

    1 Some General Instructions
    2. Device
    2.1 DVB2000 & SCSI
    2.2 DVB2000 & Com
    2.3 DVB PCI-Karte
    3 Channel-ID Hunt
    4. Open Log-file
    5. Import File
    6. Options
    7. SCSI-Problems
    8. Problems with DVB PCI-Karte

    1. General
    Master-Log is a program to Log the Data-Traffic between a d-box and its SmartCard.
    - Com-Port or
    - SCSI connection or
    - DVB PCI-Card
    is used.

    beneath PC and MLog following things are needed:
    - D-box-1 *1) with DVB2000-Firmware and seriel-connection (COM) and/or
    - D-box-1 *1) with DVB2000-Firmware and SCSI-connection and/or
    - DVB PCI-Karte (Siemens, Haupage, Technotrend) incl. installed TT-drivers

    *1) Nokia Medimaster 9200, 9500 oder 9600

    Logging is recording of Informations. MLog intrepretes commandos (Nanos) that are used by the Irdeto/BetCrypt Scrambling system.
    there are 2 Datastreams worth evaluating.

    a) EMM-Stream:
    the content of this Stream is the same for all channels of one Provider. It's used by the Provider to send all
    Switch On/Off.commandos for their smartcards, i.e. it carries the so called Keys and Masterkeys.
    Wgen evalauting this Stream we get all Informations beeing sent to all Smartcrads, a great Advantage!
    Evaluation of the complete EMM-Stream ic called "Logging" in Mlog.

    All incoming data is then filtered by the Receivers CA. Only the commandos for the Card in the Cardeader passes
    the CA and arrive at the Smartcard. Every way of Datarecording between CAM <-> Karte gives ONLY the commandos
    for one single Smartcard (
    That's while I contentrate on evalation of the complete EMM-Stream in MLog.

    A Support for "ever Receiver" via Interface (f.e.: Season) between CAM and Smartcard geliefert is not planned thiswhile.

    b) ECM-Stream:
    Aim of this Stream is, a possibilty for the Providers to give access to each single Channel (Bouquet) seperately.
    This Stream exists for ecah channel exactely 1 time.

    When evaluating this Stream you can see which combinations of Keys and so on can descramble the actual Program.
    MLog was the first software to do this evaluation. i called this Routine "Channel-ID-Hunt".

    1 Some General Instructions
    I really think the Program is "self-explaining".
    Only some hints 4 u:
    - it is better to disable your PC's Screensaver and Powermanagement Functions
    - remember to "Save your Settings" (especially when you updated to a new a Version of Masterlog)
    - Pay-TV Providers send their EMM-Streams at different PID's and use slightly different Nanos
    => you have zo choose a provider for evaluation
    The Data used therefor are saved in the Textfile PayTVPr.ASC and can an dshoul dbe edited by yourself
    - This file also contains the Data for Channelswitching for the DVB PCI-Card
    maybe you have to attach this also
    - Switch Off non-important routines like Animation, Online Parallel-Keysearch for better performanxcce
    (i myself use this routines only to see if everyhink works correctly)

    ================================================== ================================================== =======
    2. Device
    ================================================== ================================================== =======

    As i mentioned above there a more than one possibilty to pass Data to Mlog.

    2.1 DVB2000 & SCSI
    a very good, fast and comfortable way of Logging
    - High Datarate
    - some commanods can directly be trasmitted to the Firmware (comfortable for you)
    - nothing to be attached on the Receiver but selecting a Channel of the selected Provider

    - Logging (EMM-Stream)
    - Channel ID-Hunt

    2.2 DVB2000 & COM
    Use of the COM-Port for logging is sometimes to slow to transmit all the data ot EMM-PID-Datastream
    (especially at PremWorld). DVB 2000 ripps the commandos and you loose some of them !

    - simple and cheap (only a 0-Modemcable is needed)
    - Logging (EMM-Stream)
    //*2 - Logging of Card <-> CAM Traffic
    //*2 - combination og both above mentioned methods

    For Logging you have to set DVB 2000 like this
    - Select DataDownload-Menue in DVB2000 (Menue/9 /6)
    - Selext:

    1 -Log PID XXXX >PC (XXXX is the EMM-PID of selected Provider
    ....visible in MLog under the choosen Provider )
    2 -Mode: entire
    3 -Status: Stopped
    4 -BIN
    5 -Normal
    6 -Buffer: ca. 20
    => try what value is best
    important : DVB2000 must not set itself to STOPPED

    press "3" at Remote-control to select
    => 3 -Status: Running

    *2) This routines are from the first Versions of Mlog and are not devopped any further.
    Also DVB2000 firmware sometimes changes ist output-format, so this does't work like i want it to.
    AND:You need a cable bettween Cardreader and Modemplug in your Receiver

    The only advantage is, taht you can reda some Data of the Smartcard, beeing not importan beacuse you can do that
    also with a normal Card-Read/Write-Program (ASCII-Serial, Provider-ID, Country-Code)

    Aktivation of Blockermenue in DVB 2000
    - DVB Version V1.75.1 or higher
    - Selecxt CAM-Menü (Menü 8 3 )
    - 0
    - Monitor ON wählen

    2.2 DVB PCI-Karte
    This network card is also very good for Logging Die DVB-Karte ist ebenfalls sehr gut zum Loggen geignet
    - high datarate
    - no selctions at card to be done (simple)

    - Logging (EMM-Stream)
    //- Channel ID-Hunt under construction

    3 Channel-ID Hunt
    i think that's one of the best Routines!!
    Have you ever had Problems in knowing what Combination of Provider / Key / Channel-ID
    had to be be activated to see a special Pay-TV Channel? Yes ?
    then this is the solution:

    - Start the Function (Start Logging)
    - A window appears showing you all Channels of your actual Settings (i load them via SCSI)
    - Select which of the channels have to be evaluated
    therefor use <STRG> and <Shift> to select more than one Channel
    - Press the Button "Start Channel-ID Hunt"
    - wait some minutes until the Routine has finished
    => the result will be saved in a Textfile

    (eventually you have to attach "max evaluation time" for some Providers witl low bitrate, 15-20 secs)

    ....hehehe, in Case of an ECM this can be very funny. Just make a new "Channel-ID Hunt" and you
    know exactly what to do (i hope so ..)

    4. Open and Spy
    Whats That ?: First of all i need that for debugging.
    Imagine: I cant log for 1 hour every Time i have to check out a New Function.
    So i log and save the File only one time. Afterwards i can "Open and Spy" it.
    Good for You too ?:
    Yes i think so.
    a) Imagine you have an "Important" Log-File but the actual
    Masterlog-Version didn't detect what u want
    - maybe you entered a wrong Key-Filter
    - maybe later Versions have new Functions
    - maybe you wan't to do a Evaluation for another Card/Card-Groups
    ... So you can use this very well!

    b) If your PC's peformance is not good enough to perform Online-Keyspying with all Functions
    switched on (There is a lot of work to be done Online in Memory!!).
    - Just Record the Log with all Functions turnded OFF.
    - Atferwards "Open and Spy" this file with all Functions turned ON
    (Offline Log-Evaluation)

    4. Import and Spy
    same thing like "Open and Spy" but for other File-Formats:
    V-Grabber: Data recorded via dr.Overflos fantastic V-Grabber (SCSI-Logging)
    HEX: Data recorded in DVB's PID-Mode selecting HEX
    BIN: Data recorded in DVB's PID-Mode selecting BIN (Binary-Format)
    MK12/Season: Data Traffic beetween Cam and Card recorded in Blocker-Mode
    (generated by MK12, Season, or DVB recorded with Terminal-Soft)

    5. Options

    You have to enter Details of your smartcards completeley for correct evaluation (very important).
    HEX-Serial : Enter HEX-Serialnr of own Smartcard (3 Byte)
    Masterlog has to know which Masterkeys belong to own SC
    HMK : HEX-Masterkey (10 Byte) needed for calculation of PMK (Plain-Masterkey)
    Pr-ID (00/10/20/30) : Provider-Id's (3 Byte)
    (Evalaution uses only first 2 Bytes)
    PMK (00/10/20/30) : PlainMasterkeys (8 Byte) needed for calculation of PK (Plainkeys) from Keys
    Pay-TV Provider : select Provider of the SC

    choose "Add Card" => appears in List (=Card-Pool)
    actually 50 Smartcards can be definied (even more cards of same Provider)

    During Logging MLog selects the SC belonging to the choosen Provider

    Why that : ...very nice to see what Providers do to our cards. This routine is allways turned on when i log.
    try it...

    - different than Normal-Logging where only the normal Keys/Masterkeys are extracted
    here each single command is recorded (including Date and Time when ist was sent)
    - recording in LogWindow and in a File (PersonalLog_year-Month-Day.LOG)
    - No Filtering of Doublettes
    - Calculation of Masterkeys -> Plainmasterkeys
    Keys -> Plainkeys
    - Automatically Update of Plainmasterkeys in CardPool, Also the Date of last Update is saved
    (select a Smartcard and point to the Pr-ID with your Mouse , the upcoming Bubblehelp then shows you the Date)
    - Personal-Log works SIMULTANEOUSLY for ALL defined Smartcards in CardPool of one Provider

    Keys: if you have more than one card defined for one Provider only the first one is evaluated
    (reason: Parallel-search)
    therfor you can "sort" Cards in CardPool with the Up/Down-Arrows
    anyway the Keys of ALL Cards are shown in Personal-Log
    MKeys:All definded cards are evaluated

    Provider: Choose Pay-TV-Provider
    (Masterlog needs that for a correct Evaluation because the Nanos are diferent)

    - Choose the Format between Masterlogs own Format (comfortable to read)
    or a Format similar to Prolog (very short)
    - Check the Box "Keys" to Evaluate for Keys
    - Check the Box "Own Cards keys only" to discard keys not belonging to the selected/found
    - Check the Box "Channel-ID's" to Evaluate for all Chanel-ID's found during logging
    - Check the Box "Masterkeys" to Evaluate for Masterkeys Cardgroups of your own Card
    - Check the Box "Dealer-ID's" to Evaluate the CB 20 Matrix of selected Keys.
    So you can find out Provider-ID's of Dealer-Cards
    => then "switch" in such a Pr-ID with a valid Masterkey and you have a
    Self-Autoupdating-Dealer-Card (...only if Dealer-Keys are sent by your Provider)
    therefor check also the Boxes in the Key-Filter for the Keys been known as Dealer-Keys
    - Check the Box "Channel-ID Deactivation" to Evaluate with Provider ID's are NOT switched OFF
    So you can find out Provider-ID's of Normal Abo-Cards
    => then "switch" in such a Pr-ID with a valid Masterkey and you have a

    (some Functions work in Masterlog-Format only !)

    All Keys/Selected Keys:
    - If switched to All Keys the Key-Filter is set to OFF.
    So all Keys are Recorded.
    - If Switched to On: Only the Keys choosen in the Box to the right are Recorded
    (3 for Provider 00/DF1 and 3 for Provider 10/Premiere possible)
    - Select/Deselect Provider 00/10 if you wan't

    Card Programming Files:
    - Writes either a
    => Cardmaster (*.CRD)
    => ICard pro (*.ICP)
    => Card-Wizard (*.MIL)
    a) Key-Update-File with all Keys Masterlog found for your own Card-Group.
    Select if you want only the "normal" Channel-ID's written (Filename ChID_Db.ASC)
    or if you want to "pump up" your card with all the ID's received with the Keys in the LOG.

    "Use Channel-ID Database": There is a file ChId_DB.ASC in Masterlogs Directory
    Included are the actual Channel-ID's.
    So u don't have to use the logged ID's but
    you can use the one "known to be the right ones"

    "Burn all Found Channel-ID's":Use not only the CH-ID's of ChId_DB.ASC but also all those
    found in the Nano-Commands of the Logfile
    (nice after an ECM but pump up your card with "not needed" ID's)

    b) Provider-ID and Masterkey Update-File

    SCSI / COM / Open&Import
    Save LOG-File : Saves all received Nanos. Each Nano-Packet will be one line.
    Add Comments : Adds a comment for each interpreted Nano-Line
    (available SCSI,COM and Open/Import)

    Show Online-Data : Switch On/Off the Text in the Big-Window
    (COM only) (this highly decreases Performance / tiP)
    so i recomend to turn it Off during Logging in PID-Mode!!!)

    SCSI-Buffers : The length of one Nano-Packet beeing received form DVB 2000
    Re-Init-Time : If no data is received for longer than this time. DVB 2000 SCSI-Output
    is started for a new. (comfortable if you wan't to switch channels while logging)
    Save BIN-File : Saves the Bin-file reorded via SCSI to your Harddisk

    Language : Choose language for menuetexts
    Saving Path: : All your Logfiles and Evaluations are saved there
    Animate LOG-Evalaution : Switch On/Off Display of Keys on Monitor
    (also increases Performance / tiP)

    Choose "Save Options" to save your User Options for the next session!!

    ================================================== =============================================
    7. SCSI-Problems
    ================================================== =============================================

    - Q: i get the message "No d-box found ..." aber die d-box ist via SCSI-Kabel verbunden
    A: maybe the ASPI-layer is missing => Downlaod and install it f.e at (ASPI32.EXE)

    - Frage: Masterlog crashes at Startup
    Antwort: SCSI-Initialisierung "sleeps" sometimes at Non-SCSI-Systems (often at Notebooks oder Yazz-Drives)
    =>: start Masterlog with Parameter: "NoSCSI"
    a) Add an Icon for Masterlog at Windows-Desktop
    b) Write Text " NoSCSI" after "MLog.exe" at Properties of the Icon

    ================================================== =============================================
    8. Problems with DVB PCI-Karte
    ================================================== =============================================
    The Routines are new, and i have few feedback. here are some tips:
    - Original-Technotrend Software has to be installed (actual Version !!)
    - No other DVB-s Applikation must be running
    - DVB-s Server and DLL's are loaded auotmatically at runtime
    - DVB-s Server sometimes is tricky, if Problems occure kill this Task, it then will be loaded dynamically again
    (right-Mouseclick in Systray and Open DVB-s Server, then kill it with Alt-F4)
    - Sat-Kabel must not be connected to other Receiver s than DVB PCI-Card
    - Selection of channels is done automaticall by MLog.
    MLog uses the Data of TextFile PayTVPr.asc
    Please look if this fits to your SAT-Dish, Disqec and so on
    - Permission for MLog must be given is you use a firewall

    u want to contact me?
    Remember, no questions like: "how can i activate my card" are answered !!

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    Talking Re: Logging Programs.

    dvb_workshop_2_711. Enjoy, Bill and the FunFiles Team.

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    Re: Logging Programs.

    Depends , if you understand sys you logging than you can do it using few instructions just to read data transfer between card or emu [ better original card] and sys you "tracking" .
    If you not so close than first take literatrure and thray to lean behave of sys you logging on macro and nano level ! Will be much easyer to understand , but as i hurd last time have no much provider unpredictible "attack" better to say any attack so seems will be useful for learning about sys. Few years ago attcking on pirate cards was wery usualy behave of providers. So interesting is that providers seems dont want to attack NDA class cards pirate FW , whay !?? That remind to me on soeme
    talkings about conax [ Canal Digital ] and their way to becom on closed UK market , few years ago [pentacard] !!!

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    Re: Logging Programs.

    how to open bin file from 6 mb ?

    what software convert txt ?

    from dvbworkshop ?

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