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Thread: DMConcinnity-HD-Controler für VTI 2.x

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    DMConcinnity-HD-Controler für VTI 2.x


    - switching between Transparent and Solid
    - Infobar changed, various views including analog clock
    - Progressbarfarbe (blue, dark blue, red, purple, pink, green, yellow, gray), it will be changed every color accents!
    - 4 different bars selectable Second Info

    Planned enhancements:

    - Cool TV Guide optimization (done)
    - more colors + PNG optimization (partially completed)
    - own parser (planned)
    - analog clock optimization, graphics as a pointer
    - more views
    - SecondInfoBar editable as InfoBar
    - Channel Selection integrate next mission
    - internationalize


    - IPK copy it to the tmp directory and install from the VTI panel.
    - make> DMConcinnity setup the settings - - After installation, the VTI-panel -> Extensions> GUI restart
    - After restarting the GUI menu -> Settings -> System -> Skin DMConcinnity the HD hardymod Select Skin -> GUI restart (this is not necessary for an update!)

    After an update:

    - Go to> Add-ons - DMConcinnity HD controller on VTI Panel
    - change a value at least briefly, and change back again, or make changes if desired.
    - Save
    - after restarting the GUI should run everything!

    Version 0.4.0 29.12.2010

    - Adapting to the Enhanced Movie Center V1.1.0
    - Different window revised (date and time)
    - Error in preview SecondInfoBar eliminated Type 5
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