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Thread: Help for PS 8210CISKV

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    Help for PS 8210CISKV

    If anyone can help I'd be grateful.
    I have a powersky PS 8210CISKV, (I don't have a Cam or a smartcard) and I tried to change the keys manually but I saw many slots in which I needed to put identity, etc and I did not want to damage my receiver. Could anyone send me the steps to changing keys as simple as that can be, cause I'm new in this.

    And what about using Gasoline to change the keys; if it helps, where can I find a file that shows how to use Gasoline, because I have tried to use it but did not succeed.

    My second question is: does anyone know if I can use "downloader 2.7" (the software that shows a cat when you open it) to upgrade the patches?

    Third, and finally, does anyone know about important software such as the Ferguson in which the same software gets the new keys and upload them to the receiver.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Help for PS 8210CISKV

    You can enter the keys using FKE106,
    This link will show you how to enter ur keys using FKE106,

    You can find the answers to your questions in the the Powersky section and post your message there :

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