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Thread: CVS_EMU for Azbox E2

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    CVS_EMU for Azbox E2

    Again, a big shift Mower and others in the CO
    Those who threw the last enigma and video driver for codirane channels
    here's my little contribution

    Cccam and mgcamd

    CCcam and Mgcamd for Azbox the plugin can start / stop / restart / cam info / autostart / desable autostart

    Can manually via telnet but also with management software**** Install local extensions**** Internal flash
    Copy one by one file in / (that is the root of the image) to say totalcommander
    Upon installation, delete files or install in the order written down
    and then delete one by one.

    The order of installation

    4.napravi folder / var / etc for your CCcam files

    Restart box

    5.Otidji the Main menu Plugins-User Scripts User-execute script from / usr / script
    there can do anything for the emu
    start / stop / restart / cam info / autostart / desable autostart

    For Mgcamd course should you put in your config files if you use to CCcam gbox or CS in / var / keys

    6.A this is very important to put the emu radio mg_cfg for AzBox with everything needed for CCcam Gbox or configuration

    # Box type
    # 00 Autodetect, change only if you think wrong type detected.
    # 01 dbox2
    # 02 dreambox
    # 03 triple-dragon
    # 04 relook
    # 05 openbox
    # 06 dreambox / mips
    # 08 entered / kathrein
    # 09 entered / ipbox
    # 11 entered / openbox
    B: {06}

    So you have to make any necessary changes to your way of use in all files for Mgcamd 1.35
    It seems to me that Mgcamd now works better than the AzBox CCcam but it takes longer to test.
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