Here is the latest software development for azbox hd systems: nzbget installer.

This little program allows you to configure nzbget (a newsgroup download utilty) and install it onto your azbox hd.

It supports both original firmware as Enigma2.

General notes:

Configure NZBGet settings and press the install button to install the NZBGet program on your AZBox HD.

Note that settings are saved when the program is closed. 

Multiple profiles can be used for multiple configurations or multiple azboxes.

Enable autostart to start NZBGet automatically.

Copy your nzb files (ftp/samba) into the configured nzb directory to start downloading files!

This software is to be considered freeware.

Tested with firmware 0.9.5020 on AZBox HD Premium and Enigma2 RTi 1.0.3 BETA on AZBox Elite.

This program is tested on Windows 7 and requires dotnet framework 3.5.