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Thread: Webinterface addon for Vu+

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    Webinterface addon for Vu+

    Webinterface addon for Vu+

    Here is a little add on for the webinterface used for the VU+
    This plugin/add on replaces the remote control picture with the picture of the VU+ remote control. The plugin saves the files from the original webinterface and replaces these files with the new ones.

    When the plugin is uninstalled all the original files will be restored.

    After installation it is necessary to clear the webbrowsers cache, it may be also necessary to refresh the webpage with Ctrl-F5.

    This plugin is intended for OpenPLi Beta 2.0. I don't know if it will work for OpenPLi 1.0 stable or OpenPLi Beta 1.0.

    gracias a Pedro_Newbie
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